Wednesday, 7 October 2015

You need a Capsule Wardrobe!

It’s difficult to live the simple life when you are bombarded by falling clothing every time you crack open your closet door.  How much time have you spent peering at countless clothing options; but feeling like you have nothing to wear? How many times have you bought clothing and regretted it? 

A capsule wardrobe could be just what you need.

Blogger Caroline Rector of the blog Unfancy defines a capsule wardrobe as:

“a mini wardrobe made up of 37 really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear.”

Essentially, a capsule wardrobe is a small, concise wardrobe that you feel amazing in.
Your capsule wardrobe is individualized.  All your clothing choices mesh with your tastes and your lifestyle; built with pieces that mix and match, and work well together.  The end result is you save time getting dressed.  You save money by buying quality long lasting pieces that you love, and that make you feel fabulous!


There are many different philosophies when it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe… but here are some basics:
1)  Give yourself some wardrobe limits (somewhere between 30-40 items is a great start).  PJ’s, undergarments, fitness clothing, and special occasion clothing don’t count.
2)  One capsule per season.  The items you choose should get you through spring, summer or fall.
3)  Look for pieces that mix and match well with existing pieces and use great quality basics/staples as the foundation of your wardrobe.
4)  Once the capsule is created… wear it!  No more shopping until the next season!


Caroline Rector - Unfancy - Caroline is sadly no longer blogging about her wardrobe... but great information remains, including her free capsule wardrobe planner.

Project 333 - 33 Items for three months.  A minimalist fashion challenge with great tips to get started, and a great community on facebook and instagram.

Into Mind has some amazing tips on developing your personal style and building a capsule wardrobe.

The Vivienne Files is chock full of inspiration on wardrobe building with amazing graphics on mixing and matching, and using versatile core pieces with more trendy pieces. 

Jennifer L. Scott of the Daily Connoisseur has terrific advice from "Madame Chic" on channelling your inner french woman and looking your best every day. 

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