Monday, 24 March 2014

Simple, Easy Cottage Drinks

So the LCBO (or Lick-bo) as we like to call it here... has put out a lovely list of beautiful yet entirely impractically artsy and complicated drinks for our summer enjoyment:
image courtesy of the LCBO
'cos we all have a bottle of lavender infused simple syrup... or elderflower cordial on hand...right?
Are you kidding me LCBO?

So here are a few of our cottage staple drinks (aside from beer and the proverbial box-o-wine) that are delish, and simple to make.... even if you're not a pro bartender... and even if you have a wee cottage 'glow' on. 

1) Bourbon and apple cider. 
Throw bourbon and apple cider (Wellesley) in a glass over ice. 
Garnish with apple slice and/or cinammon stick.

2)  Jenn and Tonic 
Lots of ice.  Lots of lime. 
Lots of gin... and a wee splash of chambord or cassis.

3) Dark and Stormy
Lots of ice.
Dark rum.
Top with ginger beer.
Garnish with lime.

4) The Naked Weekend
Coupla oz vodka (flavoured is ok). 
Coupla oz. hypnotic. 
Little splash of chambord. 
Juice of half a lime.
Perhaps a splash of raspberry or pomegranate juice (oj is fine in a pinch).
Shake over ice.
Share with someone who doesn't mind if you take your clothes off.

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