Monday, 20 January 2014

Holy Home Staging

We had less than a week to get our little house in selling condition.  Our real estate agent had a professional home stager do a walk through and give recommendations for our home.  Most of our furnishings are ikea, hand-me downs, and curbside treasures... not great for making your home look like an upscale hotel. 

Within a day of beginning the biggest declutter ever, panic had set in.  Initially, I thought we could stage our own home... but there was no way in hell we could declutter/pack/clean and find all the furniture, accessories and lighting that we would need.  So we bit the bullet... and got the stager to come in at the last minute and do her magic on our two neediest rooms.  Holy crap!  What a difference!

family room - before
family room before

family room after

family room after

family room after

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