Monday, 13 January 2014

More Manifesting... hey it worked the last time!

our sweet little bungalow-uh-oh  pic by
So... time to manifest a little more good energy from the universe.
As crazy as it sounds.... we have put in an offer on a new (to us) home.  It's a 1970's special, with some quirks, but we believe in our hearts that it is the perfect house to get our family through the next few years.  As much as we love the bungalow-uh-oh, it does appear that we are outgrowing it quickly and will continue to do so as our children become gangly teens.

The only thing holding us back is that we need to sell our current house.  The handsome firefighter is working his buttocks off the next few days to get our place into acceptable shape.  We will both be burning the midnight oil this week to declutter, organize, and stage our little house so it will sell, Sell, SELL!

So, Universe.  I am asking that we receive multiple offers on our house during the first week that it is listed.  I am asking for you to send us a buyer that will fall in love with our little house, and see it for the gem it is.  Give us the strength to get through this decluttering/staging process with our sanity intact, and please give us a quick sale.  May the Dude abide.

Thanks in advance!

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