Monday, 16 December 2013

Crossfit - Torture Session Part 2

this is SOOO not me!
So today we learned a bunch of moves.  For me, most of them were quite new.  At this moment, I actually can't remember the names of most of them.... deadlift, something something dunno?  I am definitely out of my element.  We also did lunges, box jumps etc.

The end of session workout was:
10 front squats
10 presses
10 kettlebell swings
100 m rowing

I was relatively delirious, but I believe I made it through 4 times.  It appears that counting is important... which is not one of my strong suits :(   Crossfit guru/trainer Pauly made me laugh by telling us that the workouts aren't enough for him and that he likes to row an additional 10k before and after.  BWAHHHHAA!

I purposely scaled way down for this workout.  I began my workout telling the trainer that I would rather give birth to another child than have my body hurt like last week.  There is no way in double hockeysticks I want to feel as sore as I did the last workout.  I didn't want to vomit at the end.  We shall see tomorrow how sore I am.  The back was already hurting from shovelling snow, and I think it's going to really hurt in the morning from all the deadlifts.  Ergh!

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