Friday, 28 March 2014

Jenn’s Sangria recipe

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1.   2 bottles of wine (inexpensive is ok… but not skanky)
2.   Pour yourself a glass of wine.  If it’s not good enough for you to drink, you should not be making sangria out of it.
3.   Add some Grand Marnier or Triple Sec.  A few good glugs (half cup?)
4.  Add a bunch of something else boozy (traditionally ‘bout 1 cup brandy… but any strong fruity liquor (hypnotic is good)  will do too)
5.  Slices of citrus fruit (orange/lemon/lime)
6.   Bag of frozen berries (mixed ones if you don’t mind raspberry seeds in the teeth… or sliced strawberries for the purist)
7.   Let flavours mix for a few hours or even overnight (like that’s ever going to happen)
8.   Day of consumption. Top with orange soda (arranciata or orangina)
9.   Makes one nice big pitcher or enough to serve one Coffey.

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