Friday, 30 August 2013

Mama Needs a Drink - The Jenn and Tonic

ahhh! the Jenn and Tonic
Who doesn't love a good ol' gin and tonic?  Always refreshing; simple to make... and TASTY!

For those who don't know me... bartending is my superpower.  I'm not the most organized mama.  My house may or may not be in a state of disarray when you come to visit.  But trust me!  I will make you a drink that will blow your mind and make you forget that there are Rice Krispies stuck in the cracks of the bench at my kitchen table.

My favourite drink hack is the Jenn and Tonic.  It takes the G&T to the next level.

1)  Take a rocks glass and fill with ice (ice is the key to a good drink).
2)  Add a coupla' ounces of good gin.  Feel free to make this a 1.5 oz drink if you're a lightweight.  Tanqueray is good without breaking the bank.  I hear Hendricks is pretty fabulous but haven't had the opportunity to try it. 
3)  One small splash (1/4 oz of Chambord or Cassis).
4)  Top with good tonic.  It's worth the money... really! (I like Fever Tree).
5)  Squeeze in a coupla' wedges of lime and garnish with another (raspberries make a sweet garnish for this drink too).
6)  Guzzle that sucka down. MMMMM!

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