Friday, 30 August 2013

I am unstoppable!

I am super delighted to announce that I am one of the winners of Dove's Unstoppable Moms for Unstoppable Girls Contest!  Yay me!
Dove Unstoppable Moms for Unstoppable Girls Contest

There were many entries; many of which were really touching.  I absolutely did not expect to be a finalist... and it was a lovely surprise.  MAMA is getting a new pair of shoes... because the prize money is $2500!

In addition, $2500 will be donated on my behalf to the National Eating Disorder Information Centre of Canada... although I'm still trying to negotiate having that money donated to the Sexual Assault Support Centre where I work (we do a great deal of work relating to young women and body image).

The most difficult part was finding a photo to submit.  I had a hard time finding a photo with only me (no kids/dog/spouse).  I finally chose to submit this picture of me sitting at the kitchen table trying on my MIL's glasses.  Note to self:  take more selfies.

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