Thursday, 15 August 2013

Grand River Rocks!

We are constantly looking for fun family activities that are free, or relatively low cost. 
6 children = expensive outings.  If you have a larger family and are looking for family fun on a budget.... I highly recommend Grand River Rocks.
photo from Grand River Rocks
We have taken the kids there a few times, and are seriously considering becoming members in the future.
Family Pricing for one day is $40 (for us that works out to $5 per person).  Anyone can come to Grand River Rocks, sign a waiver, have a little safety lesson and you're good to go for bouldering. 
Bouldering is climbing this crazy 13ft tall structure that is dotted with little hand and footholds.  All our kiddies loved it!  Hubby and I enjoyed it too... but MAN it is hard work!

With a little more money, and a little planning.... you can do Top Rope climbing (harnessed climbing up a wall).  You need to take a lesson to learn how to belay (intro lesson $55 per person).  Info. for first time climbers here.

Five of our six kiddies participated in this summer's Climb, Dive, Bounce camp through Grand River Rocks.  They learned rock climbing, springboard diving, and trampoline skills.  This camp was a winner!  Everyone had a ball!  They adored the instructors!  More info. on camps here.

photo from Grand River Rocks

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