Monday, 14 December 2015

Review - Estee lauder - Shape + Fill Expert Serum

Estee lauder - Shape + Fill Expert Serum


Now, look more beautiful from every angle.
 With this innovative serum, in just 2 weeks you’ll see more defined looking facial contours. Cheeks and jawline appear more lifted. It’s that effective.
Shaping Technology and our pro-collagen complex help improve both visible volume and structure.

Tested and proven: Instantly, skin is more radiant.
In just 3 days, 85% said their skin felt more plumped and refined.*
At 4 weeks, 87% saw a positive transformation in the look of their skin.*

See the transformation.

Look in the mirror. You’ll love what you see with New Dimension—skin that looks radiant and more defined.
*Consumer testing on 308 women.

The texture of this serum is really nice.  It’s has a moisturizing gel consistency and absorbs well.  It’s chock full of antioxidants, peptides and beneficial fatty acids; all great for skin.
Are we marketing to Kardasians here? There are some lofty ‘pie in the sky’ claims like "you'll see more defined looking facial contours," and, "cheeks and jawline are visibly more lifted."  MMM-K!  That’s not really possible without surgical invention, Estee Lauder.  This product is quite scented, and may pose problems for those with sensitivities.

The marketing claims are rather hilarious, but the product itself is quite nice.  As someone with oilier skin, I love the texture.  Moisturizing but not greasy, and absorbs very well.  I personally like the scent, but know that some would prefer unscented to prevent irritation.  Overall, it’s a nice anti-aging serum that would work well on combination to oily skin.

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