Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 2 - No Quit. Get fit.

Motivation is a byproduct of taking action.  I've been going about this exercise thing ass-backwards... thinking that finding my motivation is the thing that will keep me on track with exercising.  This time I am DOING.  By doing something everyday.... whether it's a 30 minute walk... or getting my butt off the couch for some squats... I will be motivated to continue.

It was freezing cold... and I wasn't dressed weather appropriate... so I cut my dog-walking a little short.  Then the kids and I did:
50 shoulder bridges
30 lunges
40 squats
40 one legged bridges
40 clams (on each side)
40 (donkey kicks on each side)
50 shoulder bridges

My form was so bad with the jumping lunges that I substituted normal lunges... plus the ol' mommy bladder can't handle much jumping.  
Once again, it was not pretty.
But exercise done badly is definitely better than exercise not done at all.

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