Friday, 4 October 2013

Why we needed a kitchen reno

When we moved into the bungalow-uh-oh we realized that the kitchen was simply not going to work for a family of eight.  I don't know how the little old lady we purchased it from managed to cook for one in there!
The fridge and stove were squished together beside the door.  The oven was tiny; we nicknamed it the easybake.  The harvest gold dishwasher from the 1970's actually still worked like a charm.  They really knew how to make appliances back then.

The kitchen was really too small to be called an eat-in.  There was an adjoining dining room complete with creamy plush carpet (not a great idea for a family with many messy children).  So we were well aware that a major kitchen reno was in our future.... and so it began.


dining room before

kitchen before

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