Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review - Benefit Lip Lovin' Balms

I am a lip balm addict.  Lip balm is never further than an arm's reach.  I keep several in every bag, and I have lip balm strategically stashed throughout my house and workplace.  I have a problem.  Of course I couldn't resist Benefit's adorable little trio of balms at Sephora.

I've used the Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain before, and not been terribly impressed.  The colour was inconsistent and spotty on me, and although the rose scent is lovely, the taste was horrible.  But I love the Lip Lovin' Balms!

They are slightly tinted, and super moisturizing.  The texture is nice and light, and not at all gooey or sticky.  It's a great balm on it's own or on top of a lipstick.  The balms share Benetint's characteristic rose scent... but the taste is much better.

If you're looking for a slightly elevated version of a lip balm, these are great products.  If you're looking for more pigment, these are not the products for you.  There is barely any colour deposit from these products and if your natural lip colour is darker, you will barely notice a difference.

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  1. May have to try these as am also a self confessed lip balm addict. I haven't tried any Benefit lip products yet but these could be the ones!