Friday, 16 May 2014

Crossfit Fundamentals Completed

this gorgeous woman is a coach at crossfit Kitchener
So, today we completed our Crossfit Fundamentals... my hamstrings are already screaming at me.  We do still have one session of training left and I feel like I really need it.  There are so many complex and non-intuitive (to me, anyway) movements involved in crossfit.  My brain is completely scrambled with all the olympic lifting terminology...  I can't keep my snatch straight from my clean and jerk!  I know... it all sounds a little dirty doesn't it?

The first few sessions of crossfit were intensely painful.  In hindsight, we needed to pace ourselves more; to slow down and focus on the skill building.  The next two sessions we had a different coach and we came back refocused but not wanting to destroy ourselves like we had previously.  Today's session we had a different coach again and we focused on the olympic lifting side of things.

So the next step is to actually sign up for a workout.  Ack!  I'm a little bit fearful but everyone there seems really friendly and open so we shall see how the first official workout goes.

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