Monday, 25 November 2013

The Dude Abides

Although I'm not vegan and super-dee-duper healthy, I love to read Kris Carr's blog.  It's very inspiring even though she's 100% all in to the healthy living thing... and I am probably more like 20%.  The latest post I read from her was about "Manifesting your desires."

So I am manifesting.... putting it out there to the universe.

Dear Universe:

It's me, Jennifer.  I am requesting that in one week's time, Pete will have promotional success and be made a full captain.  He's worked hard, and is very deserving.  This will bring huge amounts of much needed lightness to our little family and perhaps help him get over the 'hump' that is preventing him from being happy and healthy.

Thanks in advance.... and more thanks to come.
xo Jennifer

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